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Dog Fouling Campaign


Dog fouling has long been a real bone of contention and source of frustration to Willaston residents. It is disappointing that a minority of dog owners feel it is acceptable to not clear up after their pets and leave their waste on the pavements and grassed areas of our lovely village. Not only is this illegal but it is also unpleasant and unhygienic.

It is clear from residents’ feedback that enough is enough, and those dog owners that have not cleared up in the past, now need to ensure that they do their duty after their dog has done its business.

Willaston is fortunate to have 38 public waste bins, 15 are dog waste only and 23 are mixed general litter and dog waste. Wherever you are within the village you are never too far away from a waste bin.

Dog Fouling Poster 2021 Dog Fouling Poster Waste Bags 2021

To ensure that all dog owners have a waste bag to use, 4 waste bag dispensers have been placed around the village. These waste bags are for emergency use only, if you’re caught short and happen to have forgotten your waste bags or did not have enough with you. Please always remember to bring your waste bags with you when out with your dog.

Dog waste bag dispensers are becoming more and more popular across the country in the crack down to the fouling issue. It is great to hear of the successes and improvements these can bring, and to send a clear message that no one has any excuse now to not clear up after their dog.

The dog waste bag dispensers are located at:

  •          Wistaston Road / Moorfields Corner
  •          Coppice Road / Murrayfield Drive Corner
  •          Park Road / Scout Hut
  •          Wybunbury Road, outside Lettie Spencer Playing Field

 Posters will be placed throughout the village to remind those residents who do not clear up that Willaston really is saying no to anymore dog fouling.

Any further fouling will continue to be reported to the Cheshire East Council dog wardens and will be sprayed as necessary to highlight the issue and the hazard.

Willaston has also been flagged to Cheshire East Council dog wardens for patrols where fines of up to £1000 can be issued to offending individuals. Any resident who is aware of fouling offenders can report them directly to the Cheshire East Council dog warden on 0300 123 5021 /  dogwardens@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Finally, Willaston Parish Council is pleased to have replaced the dog waste bins on Wistaston Road/Moorfields corner, Colleys Lane near the War Memorial and within Lettie Spencer Playing Field. 

 Waste Bin Location Map

Dog waste bag dispenser 1 Dog waste bag dispenser 2 Dog waste bag dispenser 3 Dog waste bag dispenser 4

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