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Stop Scams - 159 Service

159 Service

A new emergency hotline has been launched by Stop Scams UK for people to report and check financial scams as they happen. 

The ‘159 Service’ has been set up by banks and telephone companies who want to fight fraud and is backed by Stop Scams UK. The following banks are part of the pilot project at present:

• Barclays
• Lloyds (including Halifax and Bank of Scotland)
• NatWest (including Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank)
• Santander
• Starling Bank

When people call 159 they will be automatically connected to their bank’s fraud prevention services, although not all banks are participating at the moment it is hoped more will join. 
If you think someone is trying to trick you into handing over money or personal details just Stop, hang up and call 159 to speak directly to your bank. 159 works in the same way as 101 for the police or 111 for the NHS. It’s the number you can trust to get you through to your bank, every time.

For more information visit: https://stopscamsuk.org.uk/159 

Please pass this information on to those who do not have internet access as well as any vulnerable individual so that they can make use of this service when they may need it.

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